Sunday, 7 September 2008

Continuation of a theme

Heya guys! (as absent as you are)

This has been my first chance to carry on this blog as I couldn't use my laptop until I got a replacement power cable, but I'm back on now so crisis averted! I've had my first school week and my first week of sixth form. It's more of the same really just with a really screwed up timetable, one day I have no lessons (literally) and the next I have a day completely full with a lesson even in my lunch hour because they've really cocked up music! Drama was excellent though as we're studying Sweeney Todd, a dream role of mine :D and "A Doll's House" by Ibsen which should be interesting and I'm just beginning to troll through it at home.

I've been for a swim which was fun as ever but yet again the chlorine in the pool has made my eyes sooo red I look like a junkie! It's a tough look but I think I can pull it off. The swimming is part of my drive to get into some sort of shape, part of the reason why I ate before going to meet up with friends at *shudder* "pizza hut," it's bad I know, but when you live in a town like mine you struggle to find any restaurant, let alone a half decent one. This healthy diet plan is hindered somewhat by my obnoxious father's infuriating habit of stuffing the cupboards to the brim with biscuits and chocolate. Naturally with all things sweet being a real weakness there has been a binge or two!

Well that's the majority of my news, I'm ploughing through 6 books at the moment so I'll tell you about them when I finish them. Oh also I've booked tickets to see Hot Chip!!!! Ahhh I'm so excited! Me and my friend Fran will be seeing them in October, THE night before my trip to New York! I am going to be knackered! If you don't know who Hot Chip are I thoroughly suggest you check them out at or catch them on tour!!
Here's one of their singles, ENJOY! xx

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment! How did you stumble across my blog out of interest?

    Like the tunes by the way :)