Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What to write......

....To be perfectly honest I'm not quite sure. I'm finding it really hard to know what to write about in this blog, of course it's a day to day blog but I can't decide where to draw the line between daily happenings and ludicrously mundane details; do promise you'll tell me if you spot something ludicrously mundane, it will be promptly removed and destroyed :P

Went swimming tonight with my friend Kath, so naturally another case of the "junkie eyes" for me! Whilst i was there I tried to book a gym induction but due to the grunting gym lackey and my inability to comprehend his ramblings I realise I booked it at the same time I start back at Congress Youth Theatre so that will have to be postponed.

Speaking of theatre, auditions are on Wednesday for the school play! It's "Guys and Dolls" and I can't say I'm particularly excited but it'll be fun as always, now I've just got to think of an audition song.......

Although I've yet to pick an audition song, I have found an invaluable resource for listening to music:
and my profile:">

A really excellent website.

School is as school usually is- ongoing, unchanging, unwavering and what little novelty there was to be had from a school day without lessons is completely gone. Alas what can i do.... fire you say? Hmmmmmm..... No..... that won't do at all.......unless.......nah.

Well TAH RAH!! x

On The Ros!

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