Sunday, 3 April 2011

Onwards and upwards

Au revoir blogger. It's been a dreamy ride but the lure of tumblr is simply too much.

If you want to carry on reading my blog then you should go here:

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See you there.

Friday, 3 December 2010


A body.

Just, a body.

Bawdy jazz band clatters and the trumpet growls up your arms.
You manipulate childish props with poise:
Feathered-fan thigh and parasol neck.

I imagine bearded men caressing your form out of undulating stone.
Hot soft marble flowing into the shape of you, whilst your
Face looks absently skyward, lips eternally pursed;
Perched on your creamy plinth, a fixed thing.

Under all these lights as you peel off skin upon skin,
Dousing yourself with tepid champagne.
I half expect it to freeze, half to boil.

You could be a daughter of catastrophe.
Mislaid in a black and white photograph,
Your skin screeching or your form contorted and wrong,
Or piled with your brothers and sisters whilst vision blurs at the sight.

Though you could be a lost Renoir.
And museum curators must stitch your sundered form together again.
Remake your world: unfracture, uncleave.
Piece. By. Piece.

Cymbals, you bow, applause.
The stage lights dim.
You and your body leave together.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Poem for a Journeyer

The familiar or the vast, and the strange, and the new.
Environment altered and skeleton walls dressed with memories.
The seasons feel different and the sky darker blue
Though the language is the same in the murmur of the trees.

A laugh heard echoing down a long corridor,
As if you never left or maybe brought it all with you;
Until you open the curtains, seeing a different shore,
Realising that what you saw through the veil of sleep was true.

But life must be movement and nothing can be still,
Scenery shifts and props brought off and on
Against the rippling backdrop of midnight skyline and summer hill.
And we must grow and learn, not feebly looking on.
What is place but rolling road and stone?
It is voices and songs that make the world a home.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Here and there and everywhere

The past couple of weeks have been full of frenetic activity and it seems that any moments of true stillness have been rare, snatched moments, and much too brief.

I've been jettisoning myself across the British Isles at least every fortnight for rehearsals for The Marriage of Figaro.  I'm performing it with Opera'r Ddraig and it's wonderful to see familiar faces, though the cramped uncomfortable coach journeys aren't exactly thrilling. Still, suffering for one's art and all that.

Aside from that I've been in Cardiff for the glorious @smithsonftw's birthday though I'll be honest I don't think people saw much of her after her hilariously early retiring from the festivities after getting royally sozzled in her inimitable fashion.

But it's been really nice being back in Cardiff so often, seeing friends from home and relying on their unwavering hospitality *solemnly salutes*

As well As Cardiff I stayed the weekend with my bestie @LauraisFrank in Bristol which was simply swell.  Perhaps the highlight of the week being our ironic racist and anti-semitic slurs and the absolute failure of the pizza delivery person in explaining where he was or where he wanted us to meet him.  Also we had a walk and looked at a bridge, isn't it pretty!

Also I had my brother visiting and had numerous hilarious adventures/disasters involving a cancelled Manics Street Preachers gig, which caused us to go to an exciting hipster post rock album launch here:

Which resulted in us missing the last tube home and walking around nightime London for four hours.  Also we pottered round Greenwich and I had my first Churro. So that was nice.

Finally I've been beavering away at my assignments and developing a passionate love/hatred of citations and essay formatting. Also on the weekend despite fate and megabus conspiring against me I managed to get to Norwich (despite a stint in Stansted airport) and saw Jimmy Eat World and had lovely catch up time with my sister, and joked a lot about raccoons. There's one on my ID, I don't know why.

Until next time. x

Ps. As always, click on the pictures to actually see them at a decent size.