Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Theatre of Cruelty :)

Ahoy hoy readers (I use the "S" loosely) well the show is over, no more Guys and Dolls for ever and ever and ever! It came off wonderfully and plenty of people came to see it, well, the first night was a bit sparse but it was sold out by the end :) clappy clappy clappy clap!

The after show was good, chinese food was eaten, drink was drunk, I fell over to everyone's amusement and Sophie and Tready tried to steal some poor family's Christmas Tree and by extension steal their Christmas spirit (under my instruction, eat your heart out Grinch!) it was unfortunately firmly planted in the Earth so as bold as our attempts were, they were in vain. Probably for the best really; no place to put it.

Since Friday I've had the joy of Flu and it's HORRID!! It could be years before I fully recover from the ordeal, I've taken the liberty of prescribing myself bountiful amounts of laudanum to stimulate the healing process, only good can come of that methinks. Seriously though, I'm still ill and I don't have any energy, just enough for blogging and dusting off my gaming hands and going Jean Grey on everyone's ass on my X-Men game.

-----We interrupt this blog to bring you a political broadcast on behalf of the Tory Party*------

* Well a pretty picture anyway to keep your attention

Hope you enjoyed that, I can guarantee that a large percentage of my blog readers loved it, which is actually quite sad if you know the maths.

Well that's pretty much all this updated, I've got a lot to do, presents to buy- which I can't do because I'm ill, and school work- which I'm too tired to do. So I've got to rush off to do nothing. TAH RAH!

Oh before I forget, in my previous post I spoke about the restaurant Wagamama which some people mistakenly believe is a chain, this is an elaborate sham to make their business appear established in these uncertain economic times, Wagamama HQ is actually run by one very arthritic Asian man named Oshi in a toolbox in Shanghai. I accept your apologies in advance for your misconceptions.

Here's Love cats by The Cure by a string quartet! The original has embedding disabled :( still pretty nifty though :D... if a teensy bit sounding like an alternative theme tune for university challenge!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

In with the old, out with the new :)

I'm back to the usual format for this post, no more of that crazy literature for a while, it's habit forming and is shown to affect your brain!
Right so I went to see Evita in Cardiff on Saturday and got some Christmas Prezzies such as these Mondrian inspired Vans for me!

Evita was fantastic, especially the actress playing the title role and the dancing was incredible, it really is a show worth seeing, and I had a lovely meal beforehand at the new city centre Wagamama which as always does lovely food but does seem a bit clinical, maybe it will be nicer when business picks up however it seems like a great place for a nice lunch.

Rehearsals have been FRANTIC for Guys and Dolls and I think we're finally going to be ready to perform on Tuesday, but this show has been sooo stressful and we've been more behind in rehearsals than we ever have in the past, I just hope enough people turn up to see it as ticket sales have been awful.... FINGERS CROSSED!

Me and my friend Harriet have been writing sketches for our comedy project with our friend Amy and we're really excited about that, hopefully if we stick to it we'll have something solid to put online and hopefully perform round Cardiff in the near future!
We also went to the AMAZING Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair with our friend Stephen and had a smashing time and we each picked up some gems! And we had a right spiffing time on the Winter Wonderland Carousel as you can see! ahahaha

Well I'm off now, gonna have Chinese tonight for my Bro's Birthday which was actually yesterday. Oooh and if you wondering what the lookbook thing is on the right of the screen then it's a wiget for this really amazing fashion site Lookbook Byeeeee!