Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Very Merry (un)Birthday!

Oh my I have a lot to tell you blog readers! And I'm now convinced that someone must be reading this so don't be frightened leave a comment :) Anyway I shall relate my news in a chronological fashion ergo I shall,
"start at the beginning and when I come to then end; stop."

On Friday I went on a wonderful trip to a classical music concert with the school music department, although we were going for Beethoven's fifth (one of our study pieces) it was The Hebrides Overture which stood out as a highlight. The BBC Wales orchestra were highly skilled despite the first violinist breaking a string mid performance! Oh and it should be noted that our music teacher failed to turn up! The ever absent minded David Hale had apparently "forgotten" and he had spent his evening in his local....
Oooh I nearly forgot, the meal before the concert was lovely and Megan, James, Dani and I dined like Latin Kings in "Las Iguanas" and had a thoroughly lovely time when we met up with Loz and Beth.

On Wednesday had my audition for "Guys and Dolls" which I'll tell you about later and me and Laura went into town to find an outfit to wear to the sixth form partay on Thursday. Needless to say while my burgundy and white checked shirt, black braces and grey plaid trousers looked lovely (honestly it did.... well I think it did) the effort was lost on the less fashion rebellious in the obligatory jeans and smart/casual shirt ensemble. The party was quite good however it would have probably been better had I not heard the EXACT same songs in the EXACT same venue for the Rougemont sixth form partay. Lazy DJs lead to lazy dancers people!

However. My weekend was AMAZING!! My sister Rhiannon arranged a trip to London for our Mum's 50th birthday and she did a fantastic job. Les Miserables was fantastic, Madame Tussuad's, a lovely meal and Cream Tea at The ""Tea Palace"" (definitely definitely worth a trip) made for a brilliant weekend.

I've got to be honest readers I have been ill with a cold since Wednesday and it's only just beginning to fade, I honestly think if you cut me I would bleed lemsip right now! so that in combination with school on Monday did not leave me with a jaunty attitude. However the good news is I have the part of "Nicely Nicely Johnson" in Guys and Dolls!!!! Oooh it's going to be soo much fun, he has some really good songs :D AND They are casting Sweeney Todd at Congress in 2 weeks time!!!! VERY exciting but the competition is daunting to say the least, I shall need to do some Sweeney method acting methinks ;)

Anyway it's my Mum's actual birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (I made a cake, it looked bad, tasted loverly)
also happy birthday to Laura, Ryan and some German teacher who someone said was her birthday.... ooh and Marc Bolan... sort of.... IT'S A REGULAR BIRTHDAY BONANZA!
As for the rest of you I wish you a very merry unbirthday and leave you with the delightful Dresden Dolls.

Sweet Dreams xxxx

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  1. Having read this, I can confirm my suspicions that you're rather good at being a person, and you say 'sweet dreams'! I applaud you.