Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Updates Updates Updates!!

Yeesh it's been a long while since updating this blog but since I have miraculously found myself with no homework and some spare time this evening: here goes!

Ok well Sweeney Todd is cast and I got the part of Judge Turpin!!! EEEEEE I'm chuffed it's gonna be an awesome character to get into and he's got some ace singing parts which sit really comfortably in my voice :) Not like my part in school who is a really good part but should really be played by a proper tenor as his song "sit down you're rocking the boat" is killing my voice! Speaking of which my throat is awful and I've had barely any time to recover it, I'm going through honey and lemon at an alarming rate! the school show is coming together though........SLOWLY!

I saw the spectacular Hot Chip play an amazing set in Cardiff with my friend Fran and they were on superb form and the hilarious yet oddly catchy tunes of Max Tundra were an unexpected bonus!

NEW YORK WAS AMAZING!!!!!! We had such a good time and some absolutely hilarious experiences!! America is such a bizarre country! I definitely want to visit again but from what I've seen I don't think I could live there happily for longer than a year....

Here's a pic of Me, Chloe, Laura and Sian in good ol' NY!

Continuing with the New York theme, me and my friend Hari went to see the band Electric Tickle Machine at Tafod in Cardiff and had a lovely time and they are really lovely people! Halloween was rubbish this year I did nothing but watch Psycho and The Birds! (the Hitchcock classic, not the animals). However the Halloween sixth form Partay was lots of fun and my steampunk inspired costume was I think you'll agree- more than a bit awesome!

Well that's you essentially all updated, now I'm off to fill in my application forms for Welsh National Youth Opera and chillax with a nice hot mug of honey and lemon :D

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  1. we diiiid and they were lovely people :) they say that next time they come here we must stay and see them play. i finally have a blog, mhm.