Saturday, 30 August 2008

Ahoys in the dark

Ahoy there blog readers! I say ahoy but I suspect that my ahoy will not be answered as this, my very first blog-ship is so new there is no crew to answer my call. Alas, I ahoy the void and hope it will soon fill.....doubtful.
After a bit of searching around I fear that this blog is ill fated, it seems that a blog's success lies in it's unique attraction, it's single minded expertise that is afforded those who specialise in a given direction and fill their own gap in the market. As I have not fully deduced what the focus of my blog should be, if indeed it should have a focus, I cannot yet tell if there is a gap in the market for what i shall write, or if such a market even exists now or ever. Do the people want to read the trials and tribulations of sixteen year old I? If so, who are the people?

I digress.

Given the nonsensical ramblings of my profile page, I shall describe myself and my current position as best I can and then you, oh absent reader may deduce if this blog shall be of any future worth, or like most things, merely transient.

I'm a Welsh lad honest and true and stand ready to embark on what is now self imposed education, IE I begin sixth form on Monday. Over the next 2 years I shall slot my numerous interests and a social life around studying Drama, History, Music and English Literature - noble pursuits I'm sure you'll agree. Well that's about all I'm willing to divulge as of now, make of it what you will, if in fact you are there at all.

xx R R xx

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