Saturday, 2 October 2010

A sense of place

I've now been living in London for almost a month and slowly but surely the alien is becoming familiar and the unusual slipping into a comfortable routine.

It's the small things that make life here exciting: the friendly hustle and bustle of the market on weekends, walking across the bridge over the river that shakes and rumbles when a bus goes over, and of course studying among the building's of Trinity, grand yet elegant, austere yet welcoming.

The ambient warmth of September has faded and the chill in the air seems to signal the year ahead and all the changes it will bring.  There's such an atmosphere of creativity here, a real place for creative potential; and when singing in a space likes like this it's hard not to be inspired.

Of course I'm experiencing the natural longing for familiar voices, laughter and home; but knowing that everyone is exploring their own new environment, it offers a shared sense of excitement for what the year will bring for friends, and sharing our new discoveries and adventures when we find ourselves together again.

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