Sunday, 10 January 2010

Omegle: a synopsis (As well as brief update)

Oh dear and I began this blog in such a determined state of mind...

...OK well January 2010, AS Levels AAAB (Damn drama), slogging on with all four to A Level, Going to study music (singing) in London next year, probably Trinity College of Music, I need to get EE somehow I think that's going to be manageable, hoping to start "that" band, hoping to re-start "that" choir, hoping to re-start keyboard and drums, hoping to do some work tomorrow, performing in "Return to the Forbidden Planet" in March. Seeing Evelyn Evelyn (Amanda Palmer project in April)

That's you up to date, now onto the main theme. is a site that connects you randomly to another person anywhere in the world and allows you, quite simply, to chat.

In the inevitable world where internet anonymity leads to abject hostility and weirdness there are plenty of weirdos to ignore. However every now and then you find yourself speaking to someone completely fascinating and that seems to make it all worth while.....

Behold: ("you"= me)

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hey there

Stranger: 日本語できる?

You: sorry

You: English only

You: or at least European characters

You: no Kanji for me

Stranger: You know Kanji?

You: know, just know what it's called :/

You: *no

Stranger: why?

You: umm I'm really interested by Japan and its culture

Stranger: but dont know japanese..

You: no....

You: just the odd word like Kaiten

Stranger: heh

You: mmm gotta love the kaiten, brings me treats!

Stranger: so you like Anime?

You: yeah I like the studio Ghibli stuff, Princess Mononoke, Spirited away Miyazaki is amazing!

You: I take it you're Japanese?

Stranger: Well Im in Japan

You: oh cool, it must have been difficult to learn the language, are you fluent?

Stranger: mostly...

You: well done that's such an accomplishment, where are you from originally?

Stranger: US.. and you?

You: UK (Wales)

You: so what brought you to Japan?

Stranger: I also like various aspects of Japan

Stranger: Language, food, etc..

You: brilliant

You: it's just such a fascinating place, couldn't imagine anywhere so different

Stranger: it is interesting..

You: so are there any parts of it you don't like?

Stranger: sometimes, the crowds

Stranger: have you been here before?

You: no, would love to some day

You: see the rural parts as well as the city

Stranger: two very different parts of japan

Stranger: when you get away from the city, there is not much but traditional japanese people

You: it's so polarised by the looks of things, I guess that's because it went from a feudal state to an industrial power in such a short amount of time

Stranger: well, even now it seems japan is changing

You: definitely, I think the West is beginning to fade as a primary superpower

You: it's probably time for Asia and India to fill the void left by Soviet Russia in world politics

Stranger: oh wow, interesting thought but a little beyond my knowledge

You: well I don't really know that much, just my vague musings

You: so were you young when you moved?

Stranger: well, about 22 when i moved.. now im 28

Stranger: so a nice 6 years in japan

You: that's really such a brave step, you should be proud of yourself

Stranger: I figured with the bad economy in the US and Bush waging wars and taking away as many of the American freedoms as he can in the name of fighting terrorism.... it was time to leave

Stranger: not as if you are interested in that.

You: no no it affects us all

You: it's just awful the way money was spent in America on inflated military budgets rather than helping the people with housing, jobs and most importantly I think- healthcare

You: but I've probably just seen too many Michael Moore films

Stranger: Japan has got it correct... good public health care system... very little money spent on defence...

Stranger: I think I am more free in Japan to say and do what I want...

You: that's good. I'm glad that I live in the UK, there's a National Health Service and freedom of speech is a given right, though people probably take it for granted

Stranger: yes, but what about big brother.. and the huge netowork of security cameras?

You: True true, I suppose in that sense we have a the quieter side of public surveyance- free to say what we will but constantly monitored on it. I do think however that even though the number of CCTV cameras in Britain are ver high the actual impct of that has been overblown

Stranger: of course.. I only know of what Ive read

You: hmmm I'm not sure, it doesn't affect me on a personal basis...

You: hard to say really if you only have the media to rely on and no real experience of it yourself...

Stranger: Thats interesting to hear

Stranger: I read all about the problems back in the States, but have not gone back and visited myself

You: you haven't been home in 6 years?

Stranger: nope... my family has been out here to visit a few times though

You: ah I see, that's nice

You: I don't think I could be away from home for that long without coming back once in a while

Stranger: Im starting to think about it

You: We have a word in Welsh that doesn't have a perfect translation but means a sort of longing or yearning for home. Hiraeth

You: I think I'd get that without seeing the hills sometimes

Stranger: Well Im from Los Angeles...

Stranger: One big city is the same as the next

You: hmm I suppose

You: from the ones I've been to, I do get a different sense of place

You: Rome doesn't feel like London

Stranger: ok.. maybe I overstated

Stranger: I also love to travel and everywhere I go does seem a bit different

Stranger: Tokyo, is very different than LA

Stranger: It is just that to me LA has nothing in particular that I miss

Stranger: Its a big city, with lots of smog, and dangerous areas to avoid

You: yeah I think I understand

You: I think it's important to find beauty where you can as well

Stranger: Another reason why Japan is nice, a short train ride from the city and I can go hiking in the mountains or relax at a hot spring

You: I live in a medium sized town, only 50 years old, completely artificial, drab, one word Ordinary. But it's the mountain on the horizon, the sounds of the woods that make a place where it is

You: Exactly!

You: I'm only a short train ride away from the capital city of Wales- Cardiff. it's pretty small as capital cities go, small enough to know your way around, but big enough to still hold little surprises

Stranger: Sounds nice...

You: yeah...

Stranger: seems Japan and Wales is a bit similar

You: yeah haha, maybe Wales is Japan in minature

You: Howl's moving castle is actually based on a Welsh story I think....

Stranger: heh, i enjoyed that movie

Stranger: I have also seen every Ghibli movie

You: oh cool, I'm working my way through, I wasn't fussed on Castle of Cagliostro but the animation was impressive for its time

You: I think my favourite is possibly Princess Mononoke, I thought it was quite similar to Avatar in its themes, but I definitely preferred Mononoke- more artistry

Stranger: I enjoyed Naoshika...

You: valley of the winds?

Stranger: One of the older ones, but one of the grates... ya valley of the wind

You: yeah that one is really great

You: it's good when they're rooted in a really epic theme

You: although I like the playful ones too

Stranger: like.. Kikis delivery service?

You: haha yes, watched that just the other day

You: oh and what's the one with all the cats?

Stranger: I only know the japanese title

Stranger: Neko no ongaeshi

You: ah i remember, "the cat returns!"

Stranger: ah yes

You: what does this mean then "日本語できる"?

Stranger: "can you speak Japanese?"

You: unfortunately no

Stranger: It seems no one on omegle can...

You: that's a shame

Stranger: yes...

Stranger: Yet, it was still a pleasure to chat with you

You: yeah it's been lovely

You: it's really strange this site, you trawl through so many creeps but sometimes you end up talking to someone really interesting

Stranger: I completely agree..

Stranger: Thank you.

You: likewise :)

Stranger: It is now noon in Japan. and I have a lunch date... so take care

You: ok, it is 3am here

You: and I need to sleep haha

You: nice talking to you

You: bye

Stranger: おやすみ - good night

You: domo origato


  1. Omegle sounds so interesting, I must check it out. P.s Hope you do well in your A Levels :)

  2. Thank you :) yet more evidence of internet anonymity not necessarily leading to hostility.

    I'm curious though, twitter follower?

  3. Yes I am a twitter follower! :)

    Omegle did raise some striking conversations, mostly with Chinese folk wondering about the cultures of the UK. But nether the less it was pretty entertaining even if some people were slightly mad.

  4. :3 I totally talked to you on Omegle! (Although I dont remember :/ ) Yay Anonymous non hostility!

  5. omegle!!! <3<3<3

  6. Ah, intersting! I knew about Chat Roulette, this sounds like something kinda similar...