Friday, 27 February 2009

It's been a while!

A long long while at that! For any Family Guy fans feel free to emphasise the H in while.

My last post was in an entirely different year so I guess I should wish you all a belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine's Day etc. etc. but please don't think It was sheer laziness, I've been having a couple of computer crises. My laptop and old desktop are now suitable only as avante garde and ridiculously oversized paperweights but my new dream machine looks so unbelievable shiny I have the utmost confidence that it will survive for many a decade to come.

Though I really should inform you all of the exciting events of the black hole between December and February I have neither the dedication nor memory to and thus this area of forgotten time shall be precisely that; as far as I'm concerned there isn't and never has been a month called "January."

Anyway lets look to the future and one thing that will be featuring heavily in the follwing year's blog is the wondrous "Guerrilla Gardening" which I'm so taken with I've even set up a facebook group- "Guerrilla Gardening Wales." The first hit on my agenda will be the hideous new cinema in Cwmbran town centre, I'll try my best to get some pictures of the exploits......

Ergh I'm just beginning to remember how annoying it is to get back into a blog after a long absence. Here's a picture to keep your (and my) attention.

There, wasn't that nice!

Right back to the point...............this could take a while, probably best you go make a cup of tea or something...................................................

Oh! Me and my friends James and Laura had an audition for National Youth Theatre and that was good fun, I performed a monologue cobbled together from the screenplay and musical adaptation of "A Clockwork Orange." I can't rightly say why there is a musical version, i can't think of many people who would sit through a dystopian musical sung in NADSAC, but then again that's proved by the fact that no one has heard of it.

Ooh I got into Welsh National Youth Opera and it's so much fun, the people there are really lovely and I can't wait to be in the chorus for Sweeney Todd in July. A big thanks too to Rob, for providing excellent accomodation and cuisine :D

School is as school always is, though performing arts festival might be fun, I'm going to sing a solo and a duet methinks. We've started doing our play for drama, "100" it has the capabilities to be good, we'll have to see though. Right well I've got to do coursework, write a dystopian fiction short story and sleep, hopefully in that order but I'll probably just go watch Spirited Away.

Good night people, I'm off under the sea to an Octopus's Garden :)

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